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6 - 9 Program

Montessori developmental stage: The Intellectual Period

Dr. Montessori referred to this stage as the Intellectual Period. She saw this time as a critical time for expansive education, giving the children lessons and questions to guide their explorations of culture, science, mathematics, language and social rules and morals.

Where the younger child is gaining physical independence, the primary child is working on intellectual independence. The Primary child is also becoming very social, being with friends and working out issues of friendship and the appropriate behavior for groups becomes very important.

The Barrenjoey Primary classroom is an exciting and busy place. The passion for learning is palpable, as the children delve into the many lessons available to them. They work both in groups and individually, learning to manage group dynamics, while they also master academic skills.

During these years the children are excited and ready to learn. Having reached a stage of physical stability, they enter into the age of reasoning and logic. Their imaginations are strong and are able to learn and think about things that they cannot see or touch. The Primary child is interested in exploring not only their immediate surroundings, but in knowing and understanding the bigger world.

The primary child will be participating in a vast and very diverse curriculum and they will

  • Devote more and more time to reading, writing and research
  • Memorize math facts and internalize math concepts
  • Move from the concrete to the abstract
  • Work through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to fractions to geometry
  • Explore world geography through research, puzzles and map making
  • Study Ancient, World and American Civilizations
  • Speak, write and sing in a 2nd language (currently Mandarin)
  • Enjoy a creative arts program incorporating visual arts, drama, music and dance
  • Stay fit and healthy by participating in the Live Life Well program incorporating physical education, yoga and nutrition
  • Continue to grow as confident, respectful individuals with a genuine love of learning

A few ways to recognize a 6 – 9 Montessori graduate?

  • Confident, self-respecting individuals who possess a love of learning.
  • Initiate and complete work independent of constant teacher direction.
  • Progress from concrete experiences to abstract awareness.
  • Seek real understanding, and study to learn, not just to get good grades.
  • Tend to be leaders, helpers, and creative thinkers, as well as problem solvers.

Download the 6-9 application form (PDF).

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