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Under 3's Program

"Knowledge can best be given where there is eagerness to learn, so this is the period when the seed of everything can be sown, the child's mind being like a fertile field, ready to receive what will germinate into knowledge"

Maria Montessori

The Under 3s program (PTP) is attended by the child with their carer or parents for one morning each week during the term time. Sessions are run on Monday 9.30 to 11.30, Tuesday or Wednesday from 9.15 – 11.15 with a Nido session for children from birth to 15 months being held on Wednesday from 11.45 to 1.15 and a Transition session for children between Nido and PTP on a Tuesday from 11.45 to 1.15.

Due to our school expansion in 2017 our under 3 sessions will be held at the Uniting Church in Avalon at 44 Bellevue Ave, just off Avalon Parade.

Montessori Under 3's differs from a 'playgroup' because the emphasis is on catering for the child's urge towards independence and on having faith in the child's capabilities.

A parent or carer attends with their child for each two hour session, in an environment specifically set up to facilitate the child's growing need for independence. The prepared environment contains child-sized furniture and activities that cater to the child's interests.

Sibling babies are welcome (free of charge) until they are crawling.
The range of activities offered includes:

  • language enrichment materials
  • manipulative materials to refine eye-hand co-ordination and visual discrimination
  • practical life exercises including food preparation activities, and
  • expressive materials for art and music

All work is set out in such a way that children can use the materials with a minimum of adult assistance, and parents are made aware of the importance of allowing their child to complete and repeat tasks without interruption or interference. In this way children build up their competency and attention span (concentration).

These, and other principals of every Montessori environment, provide parents with hands-on experience of the practical application of the Montessori philosophy of education.

A further objective of the Under 3's program is to increase the parent's awareness of the child's capabilities and need for independence with a view to transferring the understanding of the child's stage of development to the home environment and subsequent Montessori environments. e.g. the 3-6 classrooms.

Would you like to find out more?

Please join us for an observation in the classroom or come to one of our information sessions. Call us on (02) 9973 1422 to find out more.

Application Form and Fees

Find our more about enrolment and fees or download the application form here

Note: Enrolment in Under 3's is not a pre-requisite for entry to the Barrenjoey Montessori school's 3-6 Montessori program; nor does it guarantee a place for your child at other Montessori schools. Separate application forms are required for Under 3's and 3-6 programs

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