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We held our 30th anniversay celebration of Barrenjoey Montessori School


Saturday 17 October, 2015 – 2.30pm to 5.30pm

It was wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends and former teachers.

If you are a former student and missed this event,  we are still interested in hearing about your life after BMS.

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Our School

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Barrenjoey Montessori School (BMS) was established in Newport—in the heart of the Northern Beaches in Sydney—in 1985 by a group of interested parents. Its success resulted in a purpose-built school, located behind the sand dunes of North Avalon in the Des Creagh Reserve.

The not-for-profit school has been operating at its present site since 1990. In 1997, increased demand for places led to an expansion with the addition of an extra classroom. However, the demand for places at the school continued and thanks to the ongoing parental involvement and persistence a $250,000 government grant was secured in May 2009 (BER ). This grant propelled the school towards an extensive building project which was completed in December 2010 and has resulted in a 2nd classroom for 3 – 6 year olds and a 6 – 9 primary classroom.

In 2017 we started our 9-12 classroom and as such can now offer primary school classes to year 6.

How our school is run

BMS is a not-for-profit parent run school, operated by the Avalon Montessori Association. Parents and members of the community are invited to become members of the Association. It is at the monthly Board meetings that the business of the school is conducted and issues are raised, discussed and voted on by Board members. The school Board currently has 7 members from both the school and the wider community.

The school employs a Principal who is supported by a passionate and experienced team both in the classroom and in the office to ensure that children and families gain from a high quality of Montessori education.

Affiliations and governing bodies

  • Montessori Australia Foundation
  • Association Montessori Internationale
  • Montessori Association of New Zealand
  • Independent Schools of Australia of New south Wales
  • The school participates in the Montessori Quality Assurance program
  • Board of Studies NSW
  • Early Years Learning Framework

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Interested in the Under 3's or 3-6 program?

  • Find out about our Under 3's program
  • Find out about our 3 to 6 program
  • Find out about our 6 to 9 program
  • Call us to find out about our 9 to 12 program
  • Join us for an observation in the classroom or come to one of our information sessions




Careers at BMS

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Please contact the school if you are interested in joining our team of experienced and dedicated Montessori educators.

Parent Involvement

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Barrenjoey Montessori School is a non-denominational, non-profit school operated by the Avalon Montessori Association. The members of the association are parents and members of the community. The school upholds the Montessori philosphy and methods under the direction of the highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.

Choosing Barrenjoey Montessori School is a strong commitment to your child's development and education, and a personal commitment to contributing to the operation of the school. In order to maintain affordable fees, and a quality of education, we depend on the contribution of families in the areas of management, fundraising and physical maintenance and improvement to the school. Without the parent involvement the school would not exist.

Your involvement in the school sends an important message to your children that you value and care about their education.

Information Sessions

Parent information evenings play an important role in educating parents about the philosophy and practice of Montessori. Attendance at these, held 3–4 times a year, is recommended. Check out the calendar for upcoming dates.

Parental Contributions

There are many ways in which families can contribute to the school and each year families are asked to allocate their preferred options. The choice is very diverse matching the skills of the parents with the needs of the school.


The school relies on the fundraising efforts of all families to provide the necessary funds for improvements to the school. The admirable efforts of current and previous parents have made the school what it is today. Fundraising events range from the annual Cinema by the Sea, Cake Stall in the village or a social event held in the evening.

Is it worth all the effort?

It certainly is!
If you are choosing a Montessori education for your child, you are joining a community of like-minded families with similar core values to your own when it comes to raising a child. This results in a great sense of camaraderie, support and friendship amongst parents, which successfully carries over to the children.