Governance and Philosophy


Barrenjoey Montessori School is a secular, not-for-profit independent school operated by the Avalon Montessori Association and governed by the School Board. All parents are invited to become members of the Association, with membership also open to the wider community. School Board directors are elected by members of the Association and meet eight times a year to raise, discuss and vote on school-related issues. The Board is also responsible for developing the school’s five-year strategic plan, articulating a future pathway for the school that remains true to its values.

The Board employs a Principal, who is responsible for all matters pertaining to operations and management, and is required to report on these at director meetings. A key component of this delegation is the delivery of an authentic Montessori education for students and families. The Principal is supported by a passionate and experienced team of teachers, support educators and administrative staff.

More information about school operations is available in our Annual Report, FAQs and Strategic Plan under Document Downloads.

Our vision

We aspire to provide a Montessori program of the highest standard that aims to develop the whole child — assisting their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.


Our mission

Barrenjoey Montessori School’s mission is to:

  • Provide evidence-based Montessori experiences that assist the child to develop skills and knowledge in areas of academia, creativity and social awareness, while exercising respect and compassion.
  • Provide a welcoming and rewarding community environment for parents and families.
  • Provide an invigorating professional environment for skilled, competent employees to develop towards a teaching practice of excellence.
  • Have a positive relationship with and contribution to our local community.
  • Manage ourselves responsibly to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Promote Montessori approaches to child development, aspiring to be a demonstration and learning centre from which Montessori practices may diffuse to other places.


Our values

We empower individuals by respecting, guiding and assisting each child towards an enhanced sense of identity and belonging. Children receive an ‘education for life’.

We are passionate and committed to our vision and the social outcomes that we achieve for every child, their families and the community.

We are professional, reliable and trustworthy, demonstrating cultural awareness and meeting the needs of our community.

We apply innovative educational and psychological findings to further enhance the positive impact of our Montessori program.

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