Cycle 2 and 3 (Primary)

PRIMARY – CYCLE 2 and 3 (6-12 YEARS)

Dr Montessori referred to this stage as the Intellectual Period; a critical time for expansive education, when the child is excited and ready to learn. Where the younger child is gaining physical independence, the primary child is working on intellectual independence. Social development also plays an important role at this time as children work through issues of friendship and group dynamics. During this period, the child receives lessons to guide their explorations of culture, science, mathematics, language, social rules and morals.

Equipped with a strong imagination and an ability to learn and think about abstract concepts, the primary child is keen to explore both their immediate surroundings and to understand the wider world. Students continue to use Montessori materials as they develop their ability to abstract, complementing these with books, digital tools, real world experiences and community resources. The diverse Cycle 2 and 3 curriculum covers:

  • Mathematics – Operational processes, geometry, pythagorean theorem and fractions.
  • Language and literacy – Handwriting, creative writing, reading, grammar and etymology.
  • Science and technology – Botany, astronomy, physics, chemistry and zoology.
  • Creative Arts – Drama, dance, music and visual arts.
  • History – The universe, the natural world, humanity, language and mathematics.
  • Geography and Society – Governments, first nations, religions, economics and philosophy.
  • PDHPEIndividual and team sports, health and safety, and mindfulness.

More about our primary program

Located at our Tasman Rd campus in Avalon, the Barrenjoey Montessori School primary program is completed in two stages—Cycle 2 (6–9 years) and Cycle 3 (9–12 years). The Cycle 2 and 3 classrooms are rich and exciting environments where children are encouraged to develop ownership of their learning, using diaries and lesson plans to manage their time and schedules independently. Students work individually and in groups, with a student-led ‘going out’ excursion program providing opportunities  to explore and research in the wider community.

Assessment occurs using a combination of observation, demonstration of mastery, and regular one-to-one student teacher conferences. Student progression is recorded in development reports issued to parents, as requested by NESA. Students may also participate in the national NAPLAN standardised testing in Year 3 and Year 5. The Montessori curriculum ensures that children not only meet required NESA primary outcomes, but develop a holistic body of skills and knowledge to become graduates who are confident, compassionate, independent, motivated and engaged.

Please contact us to see the Cycle 2 and 3 classrooms in action or find out more about our enrolment process.